Friday, November 14, 2008

My SVA Senior Portfolio

My senior portfolio will be my science fiction/adventure story "Infinity Roads." This project has been worked on, on and off for the past year or two. I originally started it back in 2006, unfortunately due to lack of experience with printing technology and text layouts, it was not as successful as i had hoped. This new version will feature a 5 page wrap up of the original story and the conclusion to the story, which I have wanted to write for such a long time now. I really would like to pull off a 30-40 page book here, but let's see what happens. If it can be shorter that would work as well. Eventually I will put them together as a small graphic novel (maybe pocket size). and begin selling. In addition to that I will be releasing a graphic novel of my collective works since 2006 eventually. This is only about 50 pages into being done. All that scanning takes time, but this will be regular graphic novel size, probably ending around 150-200 pages. Both will be available next year! Look forward to it : )



Andrea Montano said...

And please, I am so excited! I need your comics now :O. Plez, does.

Manny Mederos said...

Can't wait Man!

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