Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God and Mind

A great Xenogears fansite, made long long ago, probably when I was still 17 years old, this is probably a remnant of a lost era of video games. For me it's a nice memory of my past life in high school, when I used to come home every day and play this till i fell asleep. I still have the game but its been years since I was able to start a new game file. This website is wonderful and has a lot of stuff from the Xenogears experience. I recommend you go check it out.

Xenogears: God and Mind

If you are wondering what Xenogears is, it is not Xenosaga, it is the game which predates it, but comes after Xenosaga in both games universes. It's an old one but it's completely worth buying still.

The first time i played it through, it took me 90 hours over a period of say, 6 months. At the time I had never played a game over 15 hours, and this was amazing! This game really changed my life in a sense that I began trying to think deeper about the storyline and plots to my own comics. I also became deeply attached to the characters in this game. Overall really it inspired me to go for more than the usual forms of entertainment in everything. I felt that Xenogears had taught me to look beyond what a video game, TV show or a comic book could be. In order to create truly lasting work, I would have to make something that changed my viewers perceptions about the world, and changed their lives for the good. I would have to make a lasting impression on them, as the Xenogears game made on me.

Xenogears: God and Mind

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Xenofreak said...

It's interesting to see that even 10 years later Xenogears God and Mind was still garnering attention, and makes it feel nice to be a part of it's community. Xenogears is most definitely an amazing game that pushed the envelope for story telling in games. Even wrote papers on it's literary value in high school.