Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The deep ocean

Today I bought part of the "Blue Planet" series off of The part titled "The Deep" and "The open Ocean". Having seen these before, I'm looking forward to seeing them again. The deep ocean dvd is incredible and contains some of the strangest footage of the ocean iv'e seen, including fish which glow and pools of brins thousands of feet below on the ocean floor which feed colonies of mussels. This only scratches the surface. This dvd is worth a shot for anyone who likes the ocean. It;s absolutely incredible! luckily had it for only 8.50$ or some ridiculously low price...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Classes Almost Over

Another week and it's all over. I just have to finish up Figurative Sculpture and Watercolor Painting. Oh also, new mini comic. If anyone wants to purchase one, they are 3$ (2 plus 1$ for shipping :P)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Missing the Ocean and vacations

Now that most of my work is done, I've been missing my trip down to Florida. The beach was really lovely down there as was the weather. Really even a trip to the nasty Jersey Shore wouldn't be too bad, although our beaches are dumps, it's still nice to hang out there; especially if you have a house on the edge of the water. Last summer my family had the privilidge of renting a small beach house at Long Beach Island in the early summer, very late winter.
Although it was chilly and summer had not quite set in yet, it was a fascinating vacation. The weather stayed between 50-60 degrees which is not too bad; however the wind was the real killer. The wind just made it murderously cold and hard to enjoy the beach (especially with me since at the time I had long hair). In addition I had asthma attacks every day and was feeling terrible for the first few days. It seems like a horrible time but after working and adapting, things got a lot better. The asthma was caused by the hotel's crappy furnature, which obviously had not been cleaned in a LONG time, so I set up the air bed and slept on the floor. After that, I recovered pretty quickly. The first day I was there I woke up extra early, (proably from people making noise) and decided to stay up. I walked down the beach and picked up shells. The shore had just finished with high tide and gone into low, therefore bunches of shells had washed up. Before most people were awake is the best time to pick up shells, all of the good stuff is still freshly washed up. I never have collected so many shells in my life. I think that week I came home with a few hundred of them. We put them in jars, on shelves and other such things. That was the first most enjoyable thing I did there. I may have seemed crazy for picking up so many, but I don't care, it was fun.
The second most memorable thing was eating at a diner called "The Chicken or the Egg" which made the most amazing Hot Wings I've ever seen. I seriously hope I can go back to that place again, becasue it was superb. Overall a vacation I though I was going to dislike, was fun in the end. I actually hope we can go back to that place again some time. Good stuff.