Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is art:

Art is

1. Doing what you want and not what others want.
2. Taking something that has been done over and over and making it new and interesting.
3. Doing what you want regardless if you get attention for it or not.
4. Breaking all the rules and still making something that looks great.
5. Making something incredible with very little resources.
6. Doing something when you don't make any money off of it (or lose money from it).
7. Knowing everything possible about the type of art you do.
8. Being able to create in different styles when the need arises.
9. Believing failure is not real, and is, in reality, just you trying different approaches to something. People's reactions do not mean something is a failure, only that they react badly to it.
10. Being open minded about style, content and ideas.
11. Seeing something in another person's point of view.
12. Doing something, then redoing it to make it better.
13. Accepting that mistakes are always there and help us learn what to change to make ourselves better.
14. Realizing that perfection is unattainable for us but, in appearance, has been obtained by others.
15. Knowing that discipline and hard work are the keys to creating good art.
16. Knowing that sometimes being spontaneous creates better work than careful planning does.
17. Knowing sometimes what you do will not be understood.
18. Experimenting with materials, styles and ways of working constantly till something amazing is born.
19. Understanding that being what you want is more important that achievments.
20. Working at night with the radio on till 6 am, then sleeping till 3 pm the next day... repeat each day.


Christopher said...

This is really helpful and awesome, Tim. I don't know if David's told you, but I've decided that I am going to be an animator. I've been working really hard non-stop to improve my drawing, learn everything about animation, and figure out what the next step to take in becoming an animator is.
I like what you wrote here a lot. It's encouraging and helpful in my pursuit of becoming an animator.

-Christopher B

Jess said...

That is fantastic! Also inspiring! I think I may have to post this else where if you don't mind me asking?