Friday, November 5, 2010

Drawing faster

Somehow over the period of the past 5 months I have managed to change the way I put a pencil onto paper. Things have been coming out faster than ever. It is probably a combination of continued practice everyday mixed with me trying a new style that involves making pictures without any sort of underdrawing.

Unfortunetally it hasn't come to the point yet where I can sit down and pencil 12 pages in an hour, but the pencilling iv'e been doing has been a lot quicker. My drawing overall has gotten faster, and a lot faster. I'm hoping eventually this WILL lead to an ability to sit down, think of something, and draw it with little or no need for corrections or sketching. Since I was young (probably around 13-15) i've always wanted to draw this way, with no need for tedious underdrawings, shapes, sketchy lines, or building blocks. This ability hopefully will progress with more practice and patience. Wish me luck...


fuzziekit said...

good luck to you. It is the hope of every artist to improve to a goal they want and this sounds like one you want. Eventually right... just takes practice.

Jess said...

I think that it is fantastic and I would hope that you have started to sketch and draw faster with as much as you do. I really need to get back into trying to sketch every day or every other day or something.

Good luck with working to reach your goal, I think you will most definitely get there in time.