Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation Day

Overall things have gone well.

For those of you who don't know, today I graduated from the New York School of Visual Arts Cartooning Program. I'm very proud to say this has been a part of my life for the past three years, however, in the future I plan to still be involved with the school and the people I have come to know. Hopefully this will only be a first step and not a end of the road, as which happens with many college graduates I know. (perhaps they lose contact with college pals, forget their major, or dreams they worked so hard for, or just become comfortable in life, and decide to stop improving themselves.)
I hope this will just be the opening to a path of new opportunities to work more, with the ultimate goal being to be published.
Again, however, my goal has changed since it's first conception. Originally my goal was to just have my work published in my own series of books. NOW, the goal is that, but it been expanded to include me wanting to try some different types of work for say, companies or small press magazines. In addition, I wish to include my friends in this endeavor. I can't see being successful or becoming famous without the company of my best friends from SVA and other parts of life. I would really like now to have my work published in books alongside my friends. This is one of the many things SVA has brought to my life.
Artists, even comic artists, are in a state of constant growth and change. I believe SVA has given me new tools to make those changes, and see what comes of them. Let's see where this goes, for everyone.

Tim S.


Mayshing said...

What!?! you graduate already~~~??
Oh, right, you entered one year earlier than me. ._.

Best of luck on your endeavor to your comic career. :D

Andrea Montano said...

My love, those are wise words of wisdom. :) You, me and friends will do shiny works together! *tons of luv*