Monday, February 25, 2008

First Post and Planet Lovecraft

Hello everyone.
Well this is the first post. I figured this place might provide a nice alternative to Deviantart and it's un-needed drama and popularity contests. Plus the layouts here give a bit of personality to this site, not the usual gray on gray on gray DA layouts.
Planet Lovecraft Magazine has kindly allowed me to do a second story for them, to appear in their April issue. I decided to adapt a (very) short Lovecraft story titled "Memory" to comic form. Here is the first page from the 5 page story. I'm also working on an adaptation of another short story "The White Ship" for the July (maybe?) issue.


Manny Mederos said...

Hey Tim,
Be sure to check out my blogger too. It's great that you've joined. I'll put your blog on my links section!

mayshing said...

neat page, love the composition and the sense of space.

Andrea Montano said...

;-; I likes it too- please post more of your works because I really, really love this page man. You is awesome :D *tons of luv*